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Nonono, Cher isn’t gay, it’s the CONCEPT of Cher that is gay

I had to unplug my computer and move it so I could clean stuff but I'm too lazy to finish cleaning so if you never see me online again, that's why.

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PSA: the number of people who don’t disinfect their phones is mind boggling to me. Like truly absurd. They are a petri dish for everything you touch and I bet you use it on the toilet. Please! Clean them! I wipe mine down every day!

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BOOST if you're still sad that that aaahh! real monsters movie never went into production

sign my petition to make all members of the US congress stand on the roof of the capitol building and "Do The Bartman"

reminder: I'm not a techbro, I'm a hipster doofus.

my new app is called Boomer Argue where you present logical evidence to counter to the bad opinions of boomers and then the boomers refuse to change

my name is croco
gimme gimme
gimme gimme

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